Monday, September 17, 2012

Revised metaphor paper submitted

Peter and I have just submitted a revised version of our essay, "Is Data Publication the Right Metaphor", to the Data Science Journal. We hope that it will be out in late October as part of a special issue from the inaugural conference of the World Data System. Meanwhile, we provide a preprint.

The paper is substantially revised, rewritten really, and much longer with many more references. We tried to address (minimally) all the great feedback we got from the community. I think it has much more intellectual rigor as a result. Thank you all!

Our core message remains the same. Metaphors are necessary, restricting, misleading, and enlightening. We need more of them.

The other big message is that we really value the conversation. Please continue to share your thoughts on this blog and, better yet, write challenging papers, do relevant research,  and build and operate better socio-technical systems. It's a great time to be a data scientist.

Speaking personally, it was a big challenge and a big privilege to write this essay. I hope it gets "published" :-)

Thanks again. Keep it going...